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Our Interests

There are many things that we enjoy as a family as well as on our own. We enjoy fine wine, especially with a great meal to accompany it. We love watching Emeril kick it up a notch on the Food Network. Our daughter also watches (and Loves!)Emeril and claps along with the audience! We enjoy fishing, camping, snorkeling (In Kauai, of course), reading, and spending time together as a family.
Michael enjoys his hunting (upland game birds and deer) and fishing and loves to go backpacking. He loves gardening and working on his hot rods (the Camaro and the Nova). He also enjoys astronomy. When he gets the time, he also loves to brew his own beer. That's just a few of his hobbies and loves.

I love reading, spending time on the computer, and genealogy. I enjoy cooking. I love animals. I also love to collect old paperback books. I enjoy going rock collecting (especially crystal hunting) but haven't had much free time for that lately.

Kathryn loves school, ballet & tap, her new swingset and being a kid. She's in kindergarten so our lives have actually gotten busier with her learning so much and enjoying school.

I'm only naming a few of our interests, but it gives you a better idea of what we enjoy. I know I am just scratching the surface here, but it is a start.